Celtic Trivet

Our Celtic Trivets are made of solid oak and finished with butcher block oil. They can be used for oven temperatures up to 350°. They fully reversible. Dimensions are 7.75" x 7.75" x .75".

Cost: $40

Celtic Knot Work

Celtic knot work makes an amazing addition to your home. This is a custom job in which linear dimension will be customized to match your needs. Knots will be spread out to match your exact linear dimensions.
The two examples show are 6" wide as pictured on top and 2.875" as pictured on the bottom. 

Maximum linear length is 8' for a single piece but multiple pieces can be combined for longer pieces.

Estimated cost:
- $50/linear foot unfinished for 6" wide
- $75/linear foot unfinished for 2.875" wide
 - +$25/linear foot finished